01 Dec 2015


Wonderful, professional service, professional knowledgeable service from Sabrina, who has helped alleviate my pain and I am now on the road to recovery. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for an alternative to prescription based medicine. All modern medicines originated from plants and I feel far more comfortable using this form of therapy than chemical based alternatives. If you are not getting better taking prescription drugs, try a natural alternative with Sabrina, who is qualified to treat many health issues.


02 Dec 2015


Arthritis care

Thank you so much for the advice and consultation given. The medication given has helped enormously and has eased my chronic pain.

Anna Corsini reviewed Bree's Herbal Healings – 5 star

· 7 July 2016 · Well what can I say, I saw bree a few weeks ago, as I have had problems with my back since I was 17 ( now 37 )!! I have 2 slipped discs, and osteoarthritis. Now I know these complaints can't be fixed, I've seen a lot of surgeons, but nothing can be done to help me other than very strong pain medication. Anyway Bree recommended her warming muscle cream, it glides on smoothly, smells delicious, and warms my poorly back, it takes the edge of the pain, meaning I can get on with my day to day life, I carry this little pot of magic wherever I go and apply when needed. Thanks Bree, can't wait to try your other products...

Doreen Sangster Loved this tea. Pleasant to taste and side effect of drinking this tea is my tummy settled down and i ate better and have lost some weight.

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Gill Johnson Wood reviewed Bree's Teas – 5 star

· 20 August ·

These teas are amazing. Helped me with my bloating and sleeping issues. I would highly recommend. Go try them

Riz Ahmed reviewed Bree's Herbal Healings – 5 star

· 6 September ·

I used the cream for my eczema day and night. My eczema cleared up after 3-4 days. The cream is perfect. And I got some herbal tea for it too. Tastes really good! ���highly recommend